Taking a break! 

Hello loyal readers! As you can see from the title I'm going to be taking a break from blogging. The main reason is to focus on my up coming exams but I also want to re-vamp everything to go with my personality and voice. I will be returning in July. Thank you for all the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Sally Heathcote: Suffragette

Sally Heathcote: Suffragette by Mary M. Talbot, Bryan Talbot, Kate Charlesworth is a graphic novel focusing on a fictional character involved in the suffrage movement from it’s earliest beginnings. Sally, a working class manchester maid, is rescued from the workhouse by MRS Pankhurst herself and is, therefore, able to tell us the continuous story of the Suffrage... Continue Reading →

Mental Check!

The last two weeks have been a trip! I had my first real bad depersonalisation episode and it was so weird. The feeling of not really being in my body was worrying and it was really hard to make myself do anything, which leads me to my next mental wall at the moment. I have... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Seconds By Bryan Lee O’Malley

Katie's a young talented chef with no restaurant. Stuck between her old job and her own dream restaurant, the thoughts of self-doubt are hard to ignore and when the opportunity to change her mistakes arrives she embraces it. However, nothing comes without conditions. Some things are just meant to be. 4/5 I enjoyed this incredibly. I... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Reasons Why

TRIGGER WARNING! This is not a review! Basically, it's a discussion of thoughts and feelings I have about the recent adaptation. I’ve chosen to write about this on my Mental Health Monday post because: It affected me mentally. One of the main themes is mental illness. Representation matters. If you don’t know, 13 Reasons Why... Continue Reading →

Cosplay: Convention Essentials

Conventions are the best places for cosplaying and finding your inner nerd. However, those of us who are Con veterans and can reliably say that it can be war! There's gonna be a lot of people, walking, tempting expensive items, cosplays that take up a whole aisle and on and on and on. So here... Continue Reading →


Bullying can occur anywhere: schools, workplaces, home. Anywhere there is someone different and an environment that perpetuates separation. Bullying is everywhere. I myself was bullied in my primary school years, I actually don’t remember a lot of the specifics but I know it happened because I do remember the meetings with teachers. I remember the... Continue Reading →

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