About a year ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. The fact that I had depression was very apparent to me, I didn’t really need to be told. I was a little more surprised about the anxiety but now looking back I’ve always been a little more stressed and worried then other people my age even when I was very young. I was lucky enough to get help when I needed it. Two therapists provided by the NHS and anti-depressants and I’ve not seen much of an improvement. Although it’s easier to identify symptoms and bad habits.

The last few years have been hard. I lost my father very suddenly and now I’ve lost my motivation for the thing I’ve always loved. I’ve always been driven and hard working but with a lack of motivation caused by my depression and anxiety I feel kind of stuck in a hole and I don’t know how to get out of it.

I started a university course in September but left after a month with the hope of finding my happiness again. I really want to be happy. I want to enjoy life and live a very long time so with my time away from education I am writing a blog to help my find this joy I lack. Hopefully life will get better and I will start to find my reason to live again.


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. susie klein says:

    Hi Nancy, thanks for liking my post today. I believe that you are on the right track to begin a blog and write your way into your joy…or a reason to be. As one who loves to write, you already know that it can be very therapeutic, so go for it and we are here to listen.


  2. Lulu Blue (@LuluDigitale) says:

    Hi Nancy – I know this blog entry isn’t very fresh, but I just twitter followed you a couple days ago so it’s very recent.
    I think that all these are valid reasons to start a blog – it’s a great way to express yourself, and to have a track of your evolution to look back to later in the future, to see how far you came and boost yourself further up in your healing path. It’s certainly one of the reasons I also blog about my mental health – just like you, I suffer from anxiety and depression, among other issues – and blogging also carries the form of awareness raising.

    I hope that by now in early 2017, your recovery has been going on steadily towards healing and I wanted to finish with an open offer, should you ever wish to talk, you can contact me through this twitter account (we follow one another).

    Have a great day 🙂


    • LostinLife says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Recovery is a tricky thing and I have realised I may never truly recover. But my blog has giving me something to work on and a way to express myself. I hope you all the best in your recovery. Great day to you to.


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