A Few Of My Favourite Things

I’ve had one of the rare good days. I think the thing that made it really good was the help and support I’m getting from the leader of a program I am currently taking part in at the Old Vic theatre. I actually told her about my anxiety and depression as an anxiety filled night meant I just couldn’t go to the first session.

This woman who I have known for maybe a week has been so supportive and amazing. I’ve actually never been so happy to share my illness with someone. She’s even helping me find some sort of other opportunities at other theatres. It’s people like her that keeps people like me on the right side of our problems.


So since I’m having a good day I thought I’d tell you some of the things that make me happy;


Hot showers, I love to just stand in a shower and let the water wash away all my tension.


Random Kindness, whether it be from a Instagram comment or someone in real life asking how I am.


Shopping, it can be a problem but the thrill of online shopping and getting a package is like nothing else. Don’t even get me started on next day delivery.


Notebooks, I love a good notebook!


Books! What best way to escape the world then to enter another?


Stand up comedy, for obvious bone tickling reasons


Changing hair colour, I’ve had every hair colour in the rainbow and beyond and I still want to change it again and again.


Blankets, I love a soft cosy blanket.


That’s a few of my favourite things (sound of music reference!) Tell me some of yours and if we have the same.


Thanks for reading


Nancy X


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