Sleep – It’s Complicated

Sleep and I have a very mixed relationship. I either sleep too little to the point I’m falling asleep standing up or sleep all day and consequently will be awake all night.

I’m not the only one in my family that has problems with sleep. My Dad would sleep a lot and my Mum can’t fall asleep.

Sleep is something that we spend a lot of your life doing whilst also being important for your health. Sleep deprivation has been connected to mental health problems and we are constantly told how much we should sleep and how to sleep.


I read somewhere that people may have different sleep patterns because of evolution. In times before home security and law enforcement humans would have to guard their homes by just watching. So you would have people who slept all day to protect the cave at night and people who protected the cave I the day.


To be honest I’m not 100% with this idea but I defiantly feel that my body is more susceptible to the night.


However apparently sleeping like a bat is very bad for you. Who Knew?


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