Finding Audrey By Sophie KINSELLA

As someone who suffers from social and generalised anxiety disorder its interesting to read from the perspective of someone with the same (all be it much more drastic) condition. It did seem very realistic presentation of someone recovering from a mental illness. Its positive towards medicine and therapy whilst showing the stigma that comes with mental illness and how ignorance can lead people to misinterpret mental illness and the people suffering from them.

The only problem I had is I wanted more! I felt so connected to Audrey that I wanted to know all about her especially the events that led to her initial meltdown.


However other then that I read this book quickly and enjoyed it. Although Audrey’s mother is a handful and I felt a huge amount of anger towards her at times although you do start to realise how much she loves her children and although she is misguided she believes she’s doing what’s best and that’s what a lot of humans are doing.


The writing style is easy and flows nicely even with the inserts of film manuscript, which although I have seen before felt well used and in place with in the story and was useful in showing an even more in-depth incite to the family dynamics we are introduced to. The references to pop culture is very well done and makes the story more engrossing.



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