Through my life I have attempted to keep multiple journals, most ending ripped up and in the bin after s few months. However now I am almost at the end of my current journal.

I like to write. I like to drive fiction, rants, book reviews etc and it can be very therapeutic. What I realised was wrong was that I was romanticising the journaling experience.

My journal right now is a mess of cut out, tickets from versions thing and Polaroids along with tape. It looks like it’s been through hell and that’s ok. My journal doesn’t have to be this perfect dear diary lot of my life. It just has to be the parts of me I went down on ink. That I want to immortalise.

The fact that my journal looks like it’s been through a war is very appropriate because I myself have been fighting many battles this during my time with this journal but also had many good times that I have down in a book that reflect me as a human completely.


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