I went to a part on Friday night. A birthday party for a co-worker who was kind enough to invite all the newbies at work, myself included.

Now why am I telling you this. Because I WAS BRAVE. I know you’re asking why this was in anyway brave. Well, social events aren’t really my thing. Especially when its with people I don’t know at all or very well and this party was filled with unknown faces and new introductions.

I personally am very proud of myself for facing a fear I’ve had for a long time even if it was exhausting (I spent two days recovering) and I was pretty anxious before.


Someone I met recently was kind enough to share her experience with Social Anxiety and told me something which I believe to be very true. I have more regret avoiding something then doing it and experiencing what may have happened.


Be Brave my fellow Anxiety soldiers. Be Brave. And Thank the fates for the little victories.