The Recovery


As I have said previously I have Social Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety and Depression.


My Depression was what led me to seek help at the insistence of my mother.

I went to the GP and was offered counselling on the NHS. Now for many reasons it took a few moths for me to actually contact the therapy and with in a few weeks I was in cognitive behavioural therapy.


Personally I didn’t find it very helpful. I went into the therapy unknowing of CBT and found the methods and basic concept very hard to grasp. I went on to a different therapy a bit more two sided in conversation ad found it more helpful. Sadly as it is free every few weeks your re-evaluated and they determine whether you should go to another therapy.


I was put on a waiting list in September for therapy that will focus on Social Anxiety and have not heard anything. So obviously England needs to work on their mental health care more.


In the time between September and now I have began to take Citalopram in increasing doses. This medication helps both with depression and anxiety.


The medication I feel has been a great success in my recovery.


Now why am I telling you this?


Well recovery is hard. It’s hard to ask for help, it was for me. However, if I had not got help when I did I don’t believe I would have done something I would now regret.


I didn’t like the thought of talking therapy and although it is still difficult for me its nice to have a once a week session to unload the built up mind crap.


Medication I feel is much more stigmatized then therapy. People find it strange that you need to take pills to be “Happy” or “Worriless”. But I can defiantly feel the difference between days I forget to take them and days I take them on time.


Medication was one of the things my family were not sure about me doing but I ultimately made the decision and I’m happy I did.


In conclusion something’s work for others and something’s don’t. That’s ok. We ae all different especially when it is something as complex as emotions. If you need help seek it and be patient, it may take some time to find what works for you.




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