The Vagina Monologues By Eve Ensler



A classic and somewhat essential in feminist literature. A diverse and wide range of stories that are intriguing, tragic, emotional and eye opening.

These collections of monologues and vagina facts really made me think about my own relationship not with just my vagina but also my body in general. My overall disconnection with my body is strange considering my openness.


The Vagina monologues looked at so many aspects of the vagina and the person connecting to them.


The perception of the process of the interviews was insightful and the views of the authors emotions and ideas toward the main subject both humored me and shocked me.


I very much would like to see a performance of The Vagina Monologues as a lover of both feminism and theatre.


The stories that stuck with me the most was “My Vagina was Village” a horrific account of sexual abuse during war. “I was There in the Room”, a monologue focused on the birthing process and the vaginas role.


This book has definitely impacted my view on my body and my lack of connection with it, especially my vagina. Also society’s view on vaginas and the people that own them. I must admit I found myself slightly sheepish at times during my read but I am happy to have read this book in completion and would recommended this to men and women alike.


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