Burn your Bras Ladies!

I have stopped wearing bras!


I would like to at this point say I am in no way objecting to bras. I love a nice looking bra. However, after a month or so I have found life is more comfortable but filled with worries that are annoying.

I still wear bralets in order not to feel completely exposed to the world but I have vowed never to wear something with a wire in it.


It was a video on facebook that inspired this. A women explained the strangeness of wearing wire in clothing and it really stuck with me.


I don’t have a big chest and it is quite quite comfortable for me to not wear a bra even running so I suppose that helped my decision.


The only reason I really ever wore a bra was because it was expected. Wearing a bra was something you did the second you had/could.


I have yet to venture into the realm of white t-shirts braless and still feel self conscious about the whole nipple thing.


Even with these worries I can say that going braless has changed my views about my body. I don’t feel as if it has to be controlled and I actually like my breasts more.


Would love to hear what anyone has to say about wearing or not wearing a bra and if you’d consider it?


More regular blog posts will be coming every Friday.


Thanks for reading.



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