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May 2016

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened By Jenny Lawson

“A friend is someone who knows where all your bodies are buried. Because they're the ones who helped you put them there." And sometimes, if you're really lucky, they help you dig them back up.” ― Jenny Lawson, Let's Pretend... Continue Reading →


This weekend comic con will be taking place in London at the excel centre and for me that means Saturday (tomorrow) I shall go to a crowded place with my best friend in a costume/cosplay I worked on for months... Continue Reading →

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

3/5   On my search for the perfect traumatising horror book I decided to go for a more classical horror.   A trend I have noticed between modern and classical horror, in many mediums, is that classical horror is much... Continue Reading →


I don’t think of myself as being good with relationships. My family relationship is both good and bad whilst my friendly relationships either dwindle or are the best people in my life, who I depend on for validation. Romantic relationships... Continue Reading →

Asylum by Madeline Roux 

2/5 I love all things creepy and macabre. I haven't read many horror but I am aware of the amazing horror books that I will begin to explore more. This is not one of the horror books I expect to... Continue Reading →

Getting Help.

I'm lucky enough to live in a country which provides free health care. I don't take this fact lightly especially not with the recent protests with in the junioir doctors. The NHS is possible because of all the hard working... Continue Reading →

Animal Farm By George Orwell

5/5   This year I wanted to read the classics of literature and this is definitely a classic.   Animal Farm is a great commentary on communism and its problems but also relevant to many other subjects without even trying.... Continue Reading →

Fuck Cancer!

In September I will be partaking in the Pretty Muddy event for Race for Life.   I have lost my Grandmother, Grandfather and Dad to Cancer. I have seen young people suffer through the treatments for cancer and I want... Continue Reading →

Money, The Great Anxiety Maker.

“Money makes the world go round.” John Kander, Fred Ebb Line from song Money, Money - from musical Cabaret. I believe this quote to be true. It’s sad at times but in the present money controls every part of our... Continue Reading →

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