Money, The Great Anxiety Maker.

“Money makes the world go round.”

John Kander, Fred Ebb

Line from song Money, Money – from musical Cabaret.

I believe this quote to be true. It’s sad at times but in the present money controls every part of our lives. Education, health, prospects, power etc is all controlled by the amount of money you have or don’t have.


Many people like to quote that “Money can’t buy happiness” but I find myself struggling wit this notion. I can see how I would be happier being richer then I am now. If I had the security and ability to do things that is restricted by my current money situation.


Money is a big cause of anxiety for me. I fear growing up always struggling never feeling safe. Bills and debt following me like shadows of death.


I’m not starving, homeless or lacking from modern technology but rents rise and the future beckons with the prospect of student loans and jobs with minimum wage.


Living in London it is very easy to feel the strain. It seems that the poor are being pushed out of London. The working class Londoners who made London what it is today can no longer afford to live in London, travel or spend time within London.


We seem to as a society be going backwards to the time of Victorian London when the slums housed the poor and the rich lived their lives stepping over their bodies to become more rich.


Money worries me. Money restricts me. How an I live a life that tells me to live my life but I can’t afford to live. No more then I can now at least.


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