Getting Help.

I’m lucky enough to live in a country which provides free health care. I don’t take this fact lightly especially not with the recent protests with in the junioir doctors.

The NHS is possible because of all the hard working doctors and nurses who in my option are not treated as they should be. The work hard and for insane hours to provide care.

I am also lucky as someone with a mental illness to have the NHS which is confordential and provides me with free resources plus cheap prescription drugs.

However there are some downsides to the NHS mental health process that have been bothering me a lot lately.

I was provided therapy through Lambeth talking therapies, my last session however was in September and since them I have been in a waiting list to see my next therapist. As a patient who has had suicidal thoughts and self harm this is not except able and dangerous. The procedure is that you will have six weeks of treatment and then be reevaluated to see if you need further treatment. This is quite unproductive as once I have started to feel comfortable with a therapist I must move on to the next. This constant change seems to be all over the NHS system as my GP has constantly changed which is also unproductive in my recovery.

In conclusion I love the NHS and the people who work within the NHS for the right reasons but I also know that funding sucks especially in the mental health care and things can change to improve the system more.

Thanks for reading


P.s sorry for the late post!

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