This weekend comic con will be taking place in London at the excel centre and for me that means Saturday (tomorrow) I shall go to a crowded place with my best friend in a costume/cosplay I worked on for months but still feel is a piece of shit and spend more then a hundred quid on things I don’t really need but super want.

Also I will have to go on the London underground in a Batgirl outfit which will cause me unknown amounts of anxiety.


This will be my third comic con and truthfully I do very much love comic con. People tend to be very friendly and you can find awesome creators and things. Like Funko Pops which I may have a slight addiction too. Also DestinyBlue who is an awesome artist and person.


Cosplay is something I have been into for many years but was always pretty scared to jump into until my friend encouraged me to go to comic con and having loved textiles at school I made my first cosplay, Poison Ivy.


I then became obsessed. Pretty sure I have an addictive personality because once I find something I sprint with it screaming. It also helps that I’ve always loved dressing up and playing characters and now I can do that for a whole day with lots of other people.


This year I will be Batgirl. I’ve made my own cowl which although is not perfect I’m pretty proud I made it from scratch. Other things I pieced and modified to save money and time.


Cosplay definitely makes me confident in a way. I feel sexy and powerful. Also when people ask for pictures my head grows six sizes.


In conclusion tomorrow I am going to be poor and sweaty and uncomfortable on the tube. I can’t wait.

other cosplays…..


^ Yes thats me as Action Hero Ariel ^

If you can’t tell I like DC.

Thanks for reading

Nancy x

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