My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga


I am a garbage person for being late on book Tuesday and I deeply apologise for my garbagness.

Warning talk of suicide and other upsetting topics

I mostly choose to read this book due to the title I found it quite funny. This book in all is completely opposite.

Having read the blurb I was unsure whether to read this book due to the subject matter and my history with it but I decided to go on mostly because I don’t believe you can hide from this sort of subject.

The book itself is easy to read actually but not incredibly life changing. The love story is a bit mushy for me and cliche whilst the change of heart of the female protagonist wasn’t hugely effective to me as a reader.

The discussion of mental health is much less than you’d think the metaphor used to describe depression was powerful but it fell into the background of the relationship between the main characters.

There was an attempt at bringing other character’s forward but I was interested very little in them as they had no substance that made me care about them. This was similar to the main characters. I didn’t really care for them as I wish I had.

The topic of suicide within this book isn’t painful to read, it doesn’t feel taboo or horrific which I suppose when you personally think about it really isn’t all you think about is the end. The system of counting down the days could have been utilized a lot more.

It was kind of a blah read. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great.

Thanks for reading

Nancy x


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