My Room

I'm reorganising/redecorating my room. My bedroom feels like my safe space. It means a lot to me that its comfortable and looks away I like because in a way it is a reflection of me. It represents me as my own space. When someone sees my room they see my personality, likes and dislikes presented... Continue Reading →

The Ups and Downs

I’ve figured out something recently. I'm quite good at identifying my own little habits and tendencies which can be a gift and a curse. What I’ve realised is that my emotions seem to go from one extreme to another. For example, the other night I was suddenly very motivated to completely clean, organise and de-clutter... Continue Reading →

My Dog

Bruce entered my life at eight weeks old on the day before my nineteenth birthday. I had always wanted a dog and had begged my Mum for years for one but our situation always seemed to be against us.   However, on the 30th October 2015 my mum came in with a blanket and a... Continue Reading →

Changing Medication

Medication seems quite scary at first but having been on Citalopram for about ten months I feel that medication is very helpful.   However, now my doctor and I have decided to change my type of medication in order to get my mood where I want it and to help with the anxiety more. As... Continue Reading →

Changing and Evolving.

  I’ve been a “blogger” for about eight months now. I have become increasingly more comfortable and interested in blogging through these months and now I want to take it “seriously”. So over the next month or so I will be changing some cosmetic things whilst also from Tuesday 19th July increasing my blog schedule... Continue Reading →

How to Read More!

    We live in a world that moves at the speed of lightning and I know that it can be hard to fit anything into a day even the things you love, like reading. I thought it would be a good idea to give some tips on how to fit reading into your busy... Continue Reading →

Fighting the urge

Warning! Talk of self-harm. My lowest points were when I hurt myself. You never really believe you could hate yourself so much. My self-harm is not continued and I have not per mantle marked myself. I have been self-harm free since April and want to stay that way but sometimes the urge is so strong.... Continue Reading →

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