My Dog

Bruce entered my life at eight weeks old on the day before my nineteenth birthday.

I had always wanted a dog and had begged my Mum for years for one but our situation always seemed to be against us.


However, on the 30th October 2015 my mum came in with a blanket and a Yorkie Bichon mix puppy.


His name was Coca, then Reggie but I settled for Bruce after Bruce Wayne aka Batman (I’m a nerd at heart).


Bruce has helped me in so many ways and annoyed me in so many others.


I’ve never loved anything more, I miss him when I go to work and he’s pretty freaking clingy.


It’s a funny relationship we have filled with love and occasional swearing mostly from me obviously although I do feel him swearing at me in his head sometimes. Or I’m just a weirdo obsessed with cussing.


Bruce has definitely added happiness to my life and he gets me out of the house everyday and I’ve began to enjoy my walks in the evening.


Bruce likes attention so I thought I’d introduce him as a part of my life.


Bruce likes; sleeping, cuddles, treaties, walkies, other dogs and kids.


Thanks for reading


Nancy x


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