Reading slump….

I'm back bitches! So considering the depressive episode I had and the removal of the evil tonsils my reading habits have taken a bit of a hit and the want to pick up a book just isn't there.   Reading slumps suck a lot. You never know how long their gonna last. I had a... Continue Reading →

A lots happened…. 

This isn't my usual post day but I feel I need to update my wonderful readers on what's gone down recently. So firstly I had a very bad depressive episode for about two weeks in which I couldn't go to work, couldn't bring myself to write and got to the very edge of the darkness.... Continue Reading →

Suicide Squad Movie Review

    I’m a big fan of DC comics but more so of its villains, especially Harley Quinn. There’s been a lot of talk about this movie from the start but you can only judge what you see. My initial response to this movie is entertaining chaos for those of us with twisted minds.  ... Continue Reading →

Changing Medication Part Two

  I have finished the process of changing medication and fuck was it harder then I thought.   With the medication I was on I had to slowly cut down on the dosage before starting the new medication. I felt the effects of the drop in dosage almost immediately. It started with a slight sad... Continue Reading →

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

3/5 My initial thoughts after finishing this book was that this book was slightly overhyped by the book community. I was underwhelmed by the overall plot and characters especially compared to Sarah J Maas’ other works. The male characters all basically blended together. I kept getting quite confused between the two as they were quite... Continue Reading →

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