Changing Medication Part Two


I have finished the process of changing medication and fuck was it harder then I thought.


With the medication I was on I had to slowly cut down on the dosage before starting the new medication. I felt the effects of the drop in dosage almost immediately.

It started with a slight sad feeling and plummeted to a full blown depressive episode.


I’ve taken time off work and relapsed on my self harm. Work is definitely something that I find so hard on a good day let alone a bad one and I never feel like being depressed will be a good reason to employers for me taking time off work.


Today I took my first dose of my new medication and I am hoping so much that my mood will improve but I do believe that some of the situations I am in right now are causing me to be more susceptible to depressive episode.


I hope that this medication will be more effective then the last.


In my opinion medication is a great asset in controlling mental illness and I don’t really understand the objection that so many people had to me and others using medication to help with an illness that effects us everyday.


I would say if you would like to try medication just talk to your doctor.


Thanks for reading


Nancy xx


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