Okay, so yesterday was quite a day. I had the worst anxiety attack I’ve experienced.

I spent the day at the park with my mum, sister and Bruce (the dog). In the evening I went to get some hair dye but on the way, I started to feel like my throat was swollen, as in closing up, which made it feel hard to breathe. I started to feel faint and hot.


I tried not to worry but in the end, I went to A&E thinking my throat was closing up and I was about to pass out and suffocate.


When I got there it was very apparent to them that the whole episode was an anxiety attack which was very surprising to me.


I’ve had attacks before but they usually involve a tight chest and hysterical crying.


I was sent to urgent care where a doctor gave me diazepam to calm me down after they checked that it really wasn’t my lungs or throat.


My mum came to the hospital just as I had finished but after that all my family really did was freak out about how addictive diazepam is which wasn’t really helpful.


I felt quite stupid having gone to A&E but the doctor assured me that when having a mental health crisis it was fine to go to A&E which is good to know.


I had thoughts last week about going to A&E as I felt very depressed and felt as though I may hurt myself in a more permanent way.


I’m better now and hopefully I will continue to be for the future.


Thanks for reading


Nancy xx