Suicide Squad Movie Review



I’m a big fan of DC comics but more so of its villains, especially Harley Quinn. There’s been a lot of talk about this movie from the start but you can only judge what you see.

My initial response to this movie is entertaining chaos for those of us with twisted minds.


I personally very enjoyed the movie but more for the characters than the plot. The plot itself had quite a few holes in terms of why the Suicide Squad had to be the heroes in this situation when the real heroes are out there. This is conjunction to Enchantress, the first mission of extracting Amanda Waller made a lot of sense.


The setup did seem a little rushed but I understand the difficulty that came with making this film.


Having to introduce so many new complex characters and set up a whole new team.


I believe the characters were portrayed by the actors best ability, the action scenes were filled with awesomeness and iconic comic book scenes were brought to life in a way that made my inner (and outer) fangirl scream.


As Harley Quinn is my favorite character I must talk about her. I loved Margot Robbie’s representation although I really wasn’t keen on the costume I understand the idea behind it.


I believe the relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn was shown in a way that did not glorify abuse which was what I was afraid of.


There was little abuse between the Joker and Harley which I agree with as the total complexities of their relationship would be more suited to their own movie in order to completely display the unhealthiness of their relationship.


Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis (which is some of the best casting ever!) is the best character ever. She’s a female boss that is terrifying and who I feel should have been the main antagonist in this movie.


Finally, I would recommend this movie to any DC comic fan but would warn not to take it too seriously. Theirs a few laughs and some awesome fights, enjoy the fun doll face.


Thaks for reading


Nancy xx

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