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September 2016

Internal Screams……

So the future is terrifying and the future with multiple mental illnesses is horrific.   I recently had a blood test done to see if there were any deficiencies in my vitamin intake because I get tired very quickly even... Continue Reading →

Apparently,​ pets help with mental illness…

    Nobody told Bruce this. Bruce has given me a lot of anxiety. He has run off into the road TWICE! TWICE! He has also barked at nothing and we all know that means ghosts are trying to kill me.... Continue Reading →

Does required reading ruin potential readers?

I am a reader. However, required reading for a class has always been like pulling teeth. Although sometimes I will find that I enjoy a book from a class every now and then. I believe the first book I had... Continue Reading →

Getting your tonsils out sucks!!! 

So I got my tonsils out and it was terrible. I've been having spouts of tonsillitis for about three years and finally it was suggested that my tonsils were removed. So it took a while of course o have everything... Continue Reading →

Telling teachers about my mental illness

    So on Wednesday I had my first day of my new college.   I found at my last college that disclosing my mental health problems helped me more then it hurt. I was able to talk to my... Continue Reading →

The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood

  9/10 I can’t believe how long it has taken me to read this beautifully disturbing book. The society constructed by Atwood is detailed and not to in your face about the fact it is meant to be some sort... Continue Reading →

My Dog is One!

    Bruce turned one and my brain went straight to his inevitable death. I can’t believe he’s getting older and so quickly too. Hopefully, I will have many a year with Bruce and we’ll spend a long time together.... Continue Reading →

My Book Shelf Came From a Skip…..

  Yes, my late father got my book shelves out of a skip, along with many other pieces of furniture. It was his thing. It’s a pretty simple shitty shelving unity that I really want to replace. The top shelf... Continue Reading →

I am a garbage person. 

Okay so I didn't post on Thursday and I feel so guilty and shitty because I really love my blog and hope to make it successful in the way that it could be a business for me.  However, I know... Continue Reading →

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