Internal Screams……

So the future is terrifying and the future with multiple mental illnesses is horrific.   I recently had a blood test done to see if there were any deficiencies in my vitamin intake because I get tired very quickly even when I have a good sleep. Some days I can only do one thing before... Continue Reading →

Getting your tonsils out sucks!!! 

So I got my tonsils out and it was terrible. I've been having spouts of tonsillitis for about three years and finally it was suggested that my tonsils were removed. So it took a while of course o have everything sorted and the day of the operation arrived. Getting the anesthetic needle into my veins... Continue Reading →

My Dog is One!

    Bruce turned one and my brain went straight to his inevitable death. I can’t believe he’s getting older and so quickly too. Hopefully, I will have many a year with Bruce and we’ll spend a long time together.   I love my Bruce, I made him a dog cake from scratch and cooked... Continue Reading →

I am a garbage person. 

Okay so I didn't post on Thursday and I feel so guilty and shitty because I really love my blog and hope to make it successful in the way that it could be a business for me.  However, I know that consistent blog posting is a very important part of creating a successful blog and... Continue Reading →

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