My Book Shelf Came From a Skip…..


Yes, my late father got my book shelves out of a skip, along with many other pieces of furniture. It was his thing.

It’s a pretty simple shitty shelving unity that I really want to replace.


The top shelf is my Harry Potter/ Game of thrones shrine. I’m still collecting the books for both these series. The Harry Potter books I own are the present publishing design and I have an original that was borrowed from a friend long ago. I, of course, have the most recent book/script (which was highly disappointing) along with the Tales of Beedle the Bard. I also have a mini Hedwig and some Bertie Bott’s ever flavour beans. Hanging on the side is a Slytherin lanyard with a platform 9 ¾ ticket.

My Game of Thrones side displays two notebooks, a bookmark and Funko Pops; three of Khalessi, Drogo and Drogon. In the background is a beautiful painting of Daenerys Targaryen.


The second highest shelf is my favourite books and graphic novels. I also have an Alice in Wonderland puzzle book from my Dad.

I like to organise my books by height and series. Also, this shelf is my Harley Quinn Funko Pops and my Batman one. Along with a weird little Nightmare Before Christmas/ Mickey Mouse figuring.


The third shelf has mostly to be read books but also books that I had no other place for. This shelf is quite deep so I have the books I am less excited to read at the back. A picture of baby me, a candle and a small globe in a box (that also contains shillings).


The second to last shelf holds all my acting books, from scripts to non-fiction, including my complete works of Shakespeare. There are also my least favourite books hidden behind my colouring and exercise books. I also have three skulls; one an eighteenth birthday present from my aunt, the other a sparkly money box and the third another present but for my nineteenth with roses and vines. A masquerade mask from Italy is on top of the back books.


The bottom shelf is mostly for my printer but I also have my blog book, a notebook from Disney land and my journal. Finally, my polaroid camera.


This was a little different to my usual book Tuesdays but I hope you enjoyed a peek at my bookshelf.


Thanks for reading

Nancy xx


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