The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood



I can’t believe how long it has taken me to read this beautifully disturbing book.

The society constructed by Atwood is detailed and not to in your face about the fact it is meant to be some sort of warning of the worse to come. The mix of the before time, the transition time and the life we find our main character in is perfectly balanced. We are able to follow the main character’s story and understand why she has come to be where she is.

The characters are well rounded and not either good or bad including Offred (our main character). You can feel for not only the narrator but you can also see the reasoning behind the others actions.

As a female, the story made me frustrated and scared. The fact that it was so easy to suddenly control the women of America was brutal.

The fact that in the before time and the present time of the story women are seen as sex objects. Whether they are covered head to toe or in skimpy outfits they are still objects.

The terror of how the women turned on each other is also a big theme for me. Women in society are constantly put against each other and we are told constantly to watch out for “that bitch” or “that slut”. The way the women talked to each other and shunned each other was scarily believable.

The inclusion of religion was necessary. Religion is a large part of society and from what I have seen of America the line between belief and state is constantly crossed.

In conclusion, this book is horrific in a way that is thought provoking and necessary. I don’t believe in this situation ever coming about but I do know that women tend to take the fall when the world goes tits up. I enjoyed my time with Offred and took the ending to be a happy one.


Thank you for reading

Nancy xx


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