Telling teachers about my mental illness



So on Wednesday I had my first day of my new college.


I found at my last college that disclosing my mental health problems helped me more then it hurt. I was able to talk to my teachers at will and got the help needed when I needed it.

It gave me the reassurance that my teachers wouldn’t judge my bad days.


Of course, you are under no objection to disclosing any illness mental or otherwise. I felt telling my experience of telling my teachers would help anyone who is deciding whether to tell their teachers about their illness.


I suppose it depends if your illness can affect your education.


Personally, my mental illnesses don’t affect my ability to learn all the time but a bad depressive episode can be a disaster.


I also feel that having your teachers/school know about your illness it means you have a better chance of being able to access any services they offer like counselling or help with other aspects of your life.



Thanks for Reading




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