Getting your tonsils out sucks!!! 

So I got my tonsils out and it was terrible. I’ve been having spouts of tonsillitis for about three years and finally it was suggested that my tonsils were removed.

So it took a while of course o have everything sorted and the day of the operation arrived.

Getting the anesthetic needle into my veins was a nightmare as apparently, my veins are too small.

Before I knew it the operation was over. I was exhausted and my throat felt like it had been punched.

Let me tells you it hurts like hell. Swallowing liquids might as well be swallowing nails.

Pain meds don’t help and constant moisture is essential.

Now I’m coughing up all sorts of shit. And coughing fits are frequent and painful.

Hopefully, this is all worth it.

Thanks for reading

Nancy xx

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