Internal Screams……

So the future is terrifying and the future with multiple mental illnesses is horrific.


I recently had a blood test done to see if there were any deficiencies in my vitamin intake because I get tired very quickly even when I have a good sleep.

Some days I can only do one thing before feeling like I need to go back to bed.


This makes working quite difficult as well which leads to my major fear of the moment. My ability to have a full-time job and support myself.


I’m sick of worrying about money and the fact that I may not be able to healthily work as hard as my family does. Which will mean I will have difficulty earning enough money unless I have some amazing job that pays me too much.


At the moment I work a very sporadic job that can be one shift a week to seven depending, I also go to college two times a week for three hours each day. Along with traveling and looking after Bruce, I am tired a lot.


It’s very annoying that I can’t do more in a day without feeling exhausted.


My doctor said that my blood test was all clear and that this fatigue is probably due to my depression and anxiety. So it’s just another great aspect of mental illness.


Right now I’m very tired and I still want to do some school work but how I will be able to do this I don’t know.


Anyone else has this exhaustion problem?


Thanks for Reading


Nancy xx


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