Octobers a Bitch.

So with Halloween aka my birthday coming up I'm super busy working as a scare actor and trying to stay alive to see my 20th. My usual schedule will reassume in November. Thanks for reading Nancy xxx 

My First Race For Life Event!

Today I took part in the Pretty Muddy event near where I live. The event is held by Cancer Research UK and is also part of the Race for Life events. It was a great experience if not a little sad in seeing all the people that had been affected by cancer. Whether they have... Continue Reading →

Race for Life 

Tomorrow I will be taking part in a charity event to raise money for cancer. I've lost three people to cancer and unfortunately will probably lose more. The event is a 5K pretty muddy event. Basically a very messy obstacle course. I'm hoping my blogging community can help me by donating anything you can to... Continue Reading →


I often have this over powering that I'm a huge failure and it's happening now. I've had really bad fatigue lately and my inner perfectionist is screaming at me to be better whilst my body wants to lay down forever. In the evenings I've started getting headaches. When I'm tiered I start feeling ill so... Continue Reading →

Damn you Dracula!

So I have to read Dracula for my A level and it’s much harder than I thought it was going to be. Johnathan Harker prattles on a lot and Dracula as a character is not as interesting as I hoped. Four chapters took forever to finish. I’ve wanted to read Dracula for so long and... Continue Reading →

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