My Message to everyone on World Mental Health Day 2016.



Things people without mental illnesses should be aware of;

The brain is the most important organ in your body. You are not dead until your brain activity stops. My brain and many others have a brain that isn’t working just right and that is a valid health problem.


The brain is a complicated thing and so is mental illness. Please do not speak without thinking about mental illness and what you assume about it. I have experienced this recently multiple times and although I am very open about my mental health and try very hard to not be ashamed it was quite upsetting to have people belittle your illness especially when it affects you every day.


Anti-depressants are prescribed for a fucking reason! They aren’t sweets that doctors just throw at anyone. They come with side effects and things like dosage and getting the right prescription takes a lot of time and stress figuring out. When I had to change medications in August it was a major shit show. The medication I am on has saved my life as I see it especially considering that counselling has a very long waiting list.


Depression is not sadness and not something anyone should have to live with. Depression is not “a normal human emotion” as someone recently said. It’s an illness and should be treated as such. This goes for many other mental illnesses. They are not “normal” just like cancer isn’t “normal” for the human body.


Yes, I talk about my illness openly. I refuse to be ashamed of something I will probably face every day of my life. That stops me from doing things and creates a fear inside me that I cannot explain to those closest to me.


One in Four people in the UK alone will suffer some sort of mental illness in their lives and yet we are left uneducated and unaware of what mental illness is and the disgraceful lake of resources available even in the UK.


Mental Health services are underfunded and stretched thin. Waiting lists for counselling, psychologists, and other therapies are months too long. Vulnerable people need help now and support from those around them.


We should no longer feel that we should suffer in silence. Schools need to begin education on mental health and the government needs to understand that helping those with mental health problems will overall be a relief on long-term medical costs and not a strain.


On this Mental Health Awareness day, educate yourself and give someone who needs it your support.


Thanks for reading


Nancy xxx


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