Books I NEED to read ASAP

So many books so little time.........   The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling    I do need to finish reading the series. Sadly, I’m the only big reader in my family so when they first came out I wasn’t introduced to them as a child. I have seen all the films and love the... Continue Reading →

My Weird Book Habits

    Everybody has some weird habits and book people have habits that are downright strange. I’m going to talk about some of mine that I feel are strange in general and within book lovers. I’m a slight perfectionist but not with my books. KEEP CALM TAKE DEEP BREATHS. No, I don’t use bookmarks I’m... Continue Reading →

Speak about politics! 

Just like after brexit there's memes and statuses about people talking about politics! As a women, our gender is constantly told off for speaking of "superficial" or "unimportant" subjects. As a young person, we are told we don't have enough interest in politics and only care about our phones and social media. It seems no... Continue Reading →

Entering my 20s

    On the 31st October 2016, I turned 20. I’ve written about my fear when it came to turning 20.   A large subject of my anxiety fiddled mind is the feeling of not having enough/wasting my time. So the mere thought of turning 20 was troubling. Now that it has happened I’m not... Continue Reading →

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