Entering my 20s



On the 31st October 2016, I turned 20. I’ve written about my fear when it came to turning 20.


A large subject of my anxiety fiddled mind is the feeling of not having enough/wasting my time. So the mere thought of turning 20 was troubling.

Now that it has happened I’m not as terrified. The slight fear is still there and will probably always be.


I am fortunate enough to work with amazing people who have a few more years’ experience than me and have shown me that I have time.


I’m young and smart with plenty of years to find and become the person I want to be.


I do have some hopes for myself in my 20s;


I hope to learn to speak up for myself, and not just in my head.


I hope to grow more confident in my abilities.


I hope to feel more confident with my body and personality.


I hope to no longer feel that I must please all those around me.


I hope to make relationships with good people.


I hope to learn and grow.


I hope to make good choices.


I hope to be happier and healthier.


Thanks for reading


Nancy xxx

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