I suck at NaNoWriMo and at blogging…………

However, I won’t always suck at these. Personally, I don’t feel I suck as in content I mean in motivation and just doing it.

I’ve started losing motivation for the things I like the same time my depression got worse but there is no pill for motivation.


The only thing you can do to beat a lack of motivation is just to do. Which is really hard but must be achievable?


I have to find that part of myself that wants things so much that being unmotivated is a small bump in the road.


I keep making excuses.


National Writing Month got set back because of my busy end of October and then having to catch up with my college work.


I for some reason I can’t keep on my blogging schedule. I enjoy blogging and yet I can’t keep to a three post a week goal.


It’s incredibly frustrating! I am smart and ambitious but also I can’t drag my way away from Youtube.


What gets you motivated? Does anyone even get what I’m talking about?


Thanks for Reading




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