My Weird Book Habits



Everybody has some weird habits and book people have habits that are downright strange. I’m going to talk about some of mine that I feel are strange in general and within book lovers.

  1. I’m a slight perfectionist but not with my books. KEEP CALM TAKE DEEP BREATHS. No, I don’t use bookmarks I’m a dog ear kind of girl. I love cracking spins. I write in my books. I like the beat up well loved looking books that tell a story.
  2. I judge a book by its cover. If a covers pretty I am much more likely to buy it. If it catches my eye and I can see it sitting on my shelf I will be more likely to want it.
  3. I’m a skimmer. I speed read books and therefore will sometimes miss details which sucks but it’s just my way of reading.
  4. I like my books to be organized by height but I also like to stack them. I prefer not to have a perfect looking bookshelf.
  5. I’m a bit of a book snob especially when I’ve read a classic. I feel super fancy and educated.
  6. I’m still trying to find an awesome horror book! Will love very scary suggestions (Context: I’ve been watching horror movies since I was four.)
  7. Although I love horror and creepy shit I was very disappointed by miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children and will not finish the series.
  8. If I am not enjoying a book I will stop reading it.
  9. I like books about the harder core part of life. Mental Illness especially.
  10. I prefer paperbacks to hardbacks. Easier to read.


Well, that’s my strangeness. Do you have any, what you feel are, strange book habits?


Thanks for Reading

Nancy xx

8 thoughts on “My Weird Book Habits

  1. sophiethestark says:

    Great post Nancy 🙂 I’m not sure if I have any weird habits, but I do tend to read tons of books at once. I usually need to be in the mood for a certain book to read it. Otherwise, I’ll jump to the next one and so on and so forth. That’s why I keep a stack of unfinished titles on my nightstand hahaha


  2. ceearrbooknerd says:

    Hell yes! Read your way dammit! XD

    Oh, and as far as horror goes, Pet Semetery freaked me the hell out – like, more than other Stephen King books ever have. I really don’t know why that one in particular, maybe because it deals with more realistic stuff *shrugs*

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  3. Lulu Blue (@LuluDigitale) says:

    I’ll respond and comment about my own, In same order
    1 i’m reverse, i hate dog ears, I use bookmarks. I wrote only in one book, correcting mistakes after talking about them with the author. And expanding his info (it’s about medicinal plants). Otherwise, I never write but have occasionally kept some that had been marked in second hand books that I bought.
    2 I love pretty books, but some have boring covers and are interesting or gorgeous inside. I therefore don’t judge by the cover, unless it’s an ugly image that I cannot look at (and will search for another edition)
    3 I skim only if I’m bored with a passage and want to finish it faster. Otherwise, very slow reader, though I’ve learned to be a bit faster than in my youth.
    4 We have 4 book shelves. Organized 1st by genre for each (like 1 for novels & art, another for health, cooking, and general, like science and dictionaries and the like… ) the, within genres, has much as can height and author’s name. Some stacking happened, as well as ‘’double parking’’.
    5 once I read a classic, or masterpiece, the rest seems to lack in talent, skil, novelty. Guess I’m like you, a book snob. Welcome to the club haha
    6 cannot help you with horror, I cannot watch it in general (very few movies I watch are in that genre, but they are tame. I have some phobias and hypersensitiveness that make me avoid such movies as a general rule.
    My wife, on the other hand, has watched many, and I’ll get a couple titles for you later.
    8 same here, if I just cannot stand a book, it’s style, characters, or story, I’ll stop.
    9 I also read a bit about mental illness, as I suffer from various MI’s. we’ll have stuff to exchange about that, more surely.
    10 paperbacks are easier to read, but less sturdy. For some, I’ll get the latter, for those I want to read in public transport and weigh less on shelves, will get paperbacks.

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  4. donnakean says:

    I’ll admit I’m more likely to buy a book if the cover is pretty, too… Maybe we’re all guilty of this and just don’t like to admit it?!

    I can’t skim books at all! I just don’t take the story in, so have to read pretty slow to enjoy a book.

    I’m the same with horror books. It’s not really a genre I’ve explored, but would love to find a good one! x

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