I don’t like Christmas



Yes, I am unashamed to announce that I am a scrooge and a humbug.

Christmas seems to creep closer and closer to September and soon we’ll be hearing jingle bells in the summer time.


The amount of pressure put on people during Christmas time, especially on parents. People comment on the materialism of Christmas and the commercialism but the expectations continue to grow.


It’s a cliché in TV shows and films that the holidays lead to family arguments. Clichés and stereotypes come from a certain truth. My family argues like many do at Christmas but it seems to increase the tension and it feels like anyone can blow. Nobody wants to be in that situation.


I don’t like Christmas food. I’m a vegetarian and am picky as hell. I do like dessert and chocolate and there is plenty of that!


Christmas is a hard time when you’ve lost someone especially a parent who enjoyed Christmas. My dad did enjoy Christmas and I have plenty of memories of my father at Christmas and it is a time that the hole left by my father’s passing.


There’s always a certain expectation I have of Christmas. The magic perfect family Christmas that I will probably never have.


I’ll not leave you on such a negative note.


I do enjoy the atmosphere around Christmas time. People are a little happier and a little more hopeful. There are a certain joy and excitement towards the end of the new year that I do enjoy.


Also, Christmas TV!

Thanks for reading


Nancy xx


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