I’ve never been one for re-reading books or thought of myself as a person who would re-read books, yet here I find myself re-reading one of my many favourite books Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.

I’ve been in a bit of a book slump for some time. I blame required reading for my A Level class making me feel guilty for reading something that isn’t Dracula or The Great Gatsby. Plus my anxiety for thinking that there is any reason to feel guilty about reading a book I enjoy.


However, I was feeling slightly low and wanted a pick me up and Furiously Happy seemed the best way to read and tell my brain it’s for college since I am using Lawson’s book and Sophie Kinsella’s Finding Audrey to compare the representation of mental health in non-fiction and fiction, or non-literature and literature as the specification insists on saying.


So, I jumped back into the world of Jenny Lawson and she is all I remembered clever, hilarious and truthful. I’m realising through my first re-read that I don’t have the literary memory I believe I had.


It doesn’t feel like I’m repeating some tedious action, more like I am revisiting a friend who cheers me up. Who shows me that you can have a career, a (slightly) dysfunctional marriage, a family and a future that can have so much brightness because I and so many others have seen the darkest parts of existence.


There’s a slight panic in me that I am somewhat wasting my time on a book I’ve already absorbed there’s so many still out there screaming at me from shelves and Amazon warehouses. Classics that I must read because I am a reader and I must consume the sort of books that people can be impressed by. Series I am yet to catch up on and books that I want to read and don’t feel obligated to speed through just so I can say I’ve read it. At least before the movie/TV show comes out.


Yet, reading Furiously Happy now is helping. It’s helping with my reading slump; it’s helping my mental health and it’s helping me realise I am meant to enjoy reading and not suffer through a collection of words that make me want to scream.


Do you have a book that you turn to in times of need?


Thanks for reading


Nancy xx


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