Goodbye, 2016!

New Year’s Special Post!


The shit storm that was 2016 for it seems for humanity has finally come to an end and I am ready for a fresh start. Some people find the whole new year new start thing frivolous but for some, it’s a good way to feel hopeful. To look ahead and say it will get better.

I make new year’s resolutions but this year I have said I will not deprive myself of anything, this year I will focus on my mind, my health and my future.


I aim to read more and gain more knowledge about the subjects I love.


I want to build a writing routine and finish at least one writing project.


I want to learn some new skills and revisit some old hobbies that I miss a lot.


I want to save some money up for my future, or for something nice for myself.


I want to be kinder to myself, no more self-harm and no more self-hate.


I want to speak up for myself, to be as opinionated when it is important as when I write and speak with my friends.


These goals are achievable but even if I don’t achieve them it won’t be the end of the world and it will only affect me but not destroy me. These goals are for me as a human but I also have goals for this. My Blog. My safe space.


I would very much like for my blog to reach more people. To help people who suffer from mental illness, who feel like they can’t speak up or talk to anyone close to them. I need something to ground myself and NancyLostinLife have sometimes been that and sometimes it’s been something I felt obligated to do. I hope for a better year for my blog and myself.


I have decided to change my blogging schedule so that I will be posting on (Mental health) Mondays, (Book) Tuesdays and Friday (Thoughts). All in keeping with GMT and starting on Monday the 2nd January.


I hope you all a safe night of celebration and a glorious new year!!!!


Thanks for reading


Nancy xxx

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