I love education but I despise the system


I’ve had my differences with the English education system in my time. From being bullied, undiagnosed anxiety and losing a parent during my exam year. However, I know I am intelligent and love learning new things. I appreciate my free education but it is not perfect and does not prepare you for what educators normally call the “real world”.

The education system in England changes constantly which although shows they are trying to implement change the constant changing of insignificant details in courses are happening ever year.


This constant changing of the curriculum damages teachers and frustrates them into becoming cynical about their job along with wage cuts.


The purely academic focus of the English curriculum is damaging in its single-mindedness. It is based on the belief that everyone in the system has the same goals of working in an office especially with some schools strange “professional/business wear’ uniform at sixth form.  It also shows the belief that everyone will have the same start off point when they leave the education system and an assumption that they will go on to higher education at university.


The system that we are forced into for most of our childhood does not prepare us for the job market, especially in the state it is now, and many other parts of adult life including tax, politics, workers’ rights and social issues such as abusive relationships .etc.


In my personal experience, I was not prepared for life outside education. I was even less prepared when education could no longer be a priority due to my mental health, which was never talked about in secondary school along with other health problems that occur a lot in teen years.


The pressure put on you in the current education system is also very damaging. As someone who had undiagnosed anxiety and depression the stress that I underwent around exams that I truly do not believe were worth the amount of trauma I went through.  I was brought on multiple times to tears and unknown to me to anxiety attacks.


I believe that there are classes that I took that in no way will benefit me. This time could have been spent learning other useful life skills or on things I found interesting and would lead to a career path or other personal discoveries.


No one ever spoke to me about alternatives to the typical path that was shown to us, and certain paths were deemed less and made you less intelligent.


In a controlling catholic English school environment, I felt unable to express myself or explore my identity.

I was also punished multiple times for reading in class and once for smiling in a line. Frivolous rules were not to be questioned and made me meek and in some situations, unable to question authority.


I found myself pushed to the side until I became a “problem” in the way of my grades.


People may say these things are for your parents to teach you but I am the daughter of a dyslexic mother and mechanic/ labourer father who was born in the late 50s. The world I am in is not the same as the world they learnt to live in and must relearn to live in with the constant development of technology and knowledge.


In conclusion, there is a lot that I would change in the English system (the only system I really know) but I will always love being educated in the subjects I love and appreciate but there will always be a part of my life that I will not be prepared to and as someone who feels like every second is wasted if I don’t somehow change the world knowing how much time I basically wasted is painful.


Do you have any views on Education? Is your system different?


Thanks for Reading


Nancy xxx


3 thoughts on “I love education but I despise the system

  1. Joezette' s Journey says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I agree that the educational system (here in the US) unfortunately does not do the best job of preparing students for the real world. There are SO MANY different levels to the system here, as well as to who it impacts. I have the perspective of both a student and educator. As a student, the quality of education that you receive is highly dependent upon the neighborhood that you reside in–so sad. This reality is what motivated me to become an educator in the first place. As a teacher, the politics that are affiliated with the classroom and the expectations for progress are increasingly unrealistic. There is a statistic that I read somewhere stating that on average, teachers stay in education for 6 years and by the end of that 6th year, they leave the field and seek employment elsewhere. Unfortunately I feel my burnout coming on (as I conclude my 6th year). It’s a challenge though because I absolutely LOVE teaching, just not the baggage that comes with it! Anyway, have a blessed day! Thank you for sharing!! Xoxo


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