Anxiety can make you do some pretty wacky things that even as the sufferer you will think what the fuck is wrong with me. Here are some of mine feel free to laugh because I did.




  1. Constantly check google maps, even when doing my daily commute that I have done a thousand time in the city I have lived in all my life.


  1. Downplaying my own emotions so I don’t look like I’m overreacting or being dramatic.



  1. Lied, a lot.


  1. Counted down from three to build up the courage to talk to someone or ask a question, even with my mum.


  1. Crossed the street to avoid a charity collector or other street promoter .etc.


  1. Gone to a different restaurant because the one we were going to go to was empty.


  1. Checked emails/ appointment times and location multiple times even during the journey there and at the location.


  1. Held items intentionally away from my body/bag/pocket so security didn’t think I was a thief.


  1. I don’t answer my house phone and sometimes my mobile phone.


  1. Questioned the validity of own mental illness.



Do you have any weird anxiety induced habits or one-time actions?

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