Podcasts I’m listening to…..

I’ve been on a big podcast kick lately. I’m not much of a music person, mostly just using 80s rock to drown to the youth on buses. But with podcasts you get some great stories and knowledge whilst being entertained. So I’m going to share with you, my favourite podcasts at the moment.

I listen to these podcasts through the Iphone podcast app. All completely free!

I’m splitting them into three categories:



The Dark Side


The “Little Lighter” Side


The Light Side


Let us begin with the most interesting and heavy;


The Dark Side


Warning! These podcasts cover some gory real subjects.


My Favorite Murder (American Spelling)

With Karen KIlgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Hosted by two hilarious down to earth females who every so often will throw some straight up No Bull truth in your face. Plus, they say things like “You’re in a cult, call your Dad”. Sound advice.

This is all whilst retelling some of the most interesting Murders in History. Not big on facts but the conversation style makes it feel like you’re part of a grown up sleepover at 4 am that involved some cheap strong wine.


Binge From The Beginning!!


The Last Podcast on the Left


Murder, aliens, conspiracy, cults and theories with crazy funny impressions. Hosted by some guys with major bromance going on but also mild hatred and disgust.

They take the piss out of each other whilst telling you about the bloodiest and most horrific stories. They really research the topics they tell and sometimes it can take three parts to tell you all the story.


I found the 9/11 episodes to be incredible. I’m not really into aliens and some of the other stuff they talk about but worth having a look if you like the weirder parts of life.


The NoSleep Podcast


Anthology series of original horror stories narrated by talented voices that create a great atmosphere. The writing is fabulous. But, do realise that the title is the title for a reason.


Start anywhere for a good scare!


The “Little Lighter” Side


These podcasts cover issues that can get a little heavy but not serial killer heavy.


The Guilty Feminist

With Deborah Frances-White


Awesome feminist podcast hosted by female stand-up comedians. Recorded in front of a live audience, each episode starts with my favourite thing; Guilty Feminist Confessions.

The Guilty Feminist is a podcast that faces the fact that being a feminist in a male driven world is hard and sometimes we are very un-feminist. Challenges are set and it’s lovely to listen to these women grow and the awesome guests they introduce.

They cover subjects such as; gender, race, sexuality and in general the shitty patriarchy.


A must for any feminist who wants to learn and grow.


Start from the beginning! The Trump Special is heavy and emotional.


The Hilarious World of Depression


It does what it says on the tin! A podcast exploring the funny in mental illness with a comedy host and guests who open up and display an amount of vulnerability that touches you.

They don’t hide away from their illness they square up to and laugh in its face! They share stories of addiction, OCD, psych wards and suicide.


A great way to learn about mental illness from the experience of others but also laugh slightly nervously.


Start from the beginning!


The Light Side


My Dad Wrote a Porno


Three “Sexually repressed” British people record a podcast in a kitchen as one of them reads an erotic novel written by their Dad!

Now if you are British or know British people we are not ones to share or talk about sex let alone tell our friends our Dad wrote a not-so-good erotic novel.

It’s cringe worthy and British. Will make you laugh out loud on public transport.


It’s chronological so watch from the beginning its worth it!


Being Boss


Hosted by two business owning women they talk about how to be your own boss and get ahead in the creative online industry.They have insightful talks with each other and guests.

They can become a bit preachy for me and sometimes it feels like they don’t think about us poorer littler bloggers.

But it’s worth the listen if you are a blogger or business owner.
I only listen to the episodes I think will be useful to me. Act accordingly.


That’s it. I listen to others but these are the ones I wait eagerly for the next episode.


Are there any podcast lovers out there? Have any suggestions for me or ones you would add to my list?


Thanks for reading




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