Book Adaptations

It’s obvious that in the last decade or so book to screen adaptations have become a very lucrative business in Hollywood. From Young Adult Fiction to Erotica the film and TV industry has obviously realised that taking an already successful story and putting it on the screen brings in the big bucks.

As an avid reader and actor book adaptations have always been a love hate thing. It’s easy to mess up a book adaptation but when it works, it can be magical.

Books and movies .png


Book Adaptations have been around for a long time, take for example the Wizard of OZ and Mary Poppins. Two of the most successful and amazing movies both based off books yet it seems we have become cynical about book adaptations. We seem to believe that it’s only been popular in the last decade but it’s always been done. But why?


In the next few weeks, I will be exploring the industry of book adaptations. What makes a good adaptation? Is it all about the money? Can every book can be translated to screen? Is the change in the publishing industry allowing for bad books that make bad movies?


I’ll also be sharing my opinion on existing adaptations, the good, the bad and the ugly.


Stick around.


Thanks for Reading




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