I am not ashamed of my period!

period-quoteThe menstrual cycle is one of the most openly shamed bodily functions. Grown men flinch at the sight of tampons, my own mother calls sanitary towels “private things” and women feel necessary to hide “feminine hygiene products” up their sleeves. (don’t pretend we haven’t all done this)


I made a conscious decision a few months ago not to be ashamed of my periods. I do not hide my tampons or sanitary towels. If I’m having period pains that feel like a tiny Freddy Krueger is in my uterus. I’m going to fucking say something.


I do not shy away from periods!


I also don’t believe that you should suffer from bad periods. I suffered from super heavy periods and horrific crippling cramps but all people cared about was the side effects of the contraceptive pill in terms of my fertility. It didn’t matter that I had passed out and had suffered fatigue due to anaemia worsened by the heavy periods. As long as I didn’t fuck up my chances of having a baby.


Men are happy to piss in the street and I have friends who will openly talk about their bowel movements at THE DINNER TABLE (this is a no-no for me, even periods don’t come near the dinner table) but you mention periods at any time and people cringe.


I refuse to be ashamed about my body and the things it does.


Now to end this on a good note, here’s some funny euphemisms for periods; Shark week, surfing the crimson wave, the painters and decorators are in, joining the cast of Pad Man, baby is in the corner, birthing a blood diamond, the great flood cometh, the red wedding, The Shinning, smoking a lady cigar and paging Edward Cullen.


Do you have any of euphemisms for periods or menstrual products?


Thanks for reading



2 thoughts on “Periods

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Preach it. I refuse to be ashamed of my body’s functions as well. I mean periods are like a godsend in the sense that having them means you’re not pregnant!!! Whooo!!!!

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