Why We Marched!

This is not my usual mental health Monday post but this is important and I felt I needed to write about this.

On the 21st January 2017, I attended the women’s march in London, one of 673 marches Global, and I want to write about my experience and feelings towards this event.

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It was amazing. Over 100,000 humans marched together in central London and I was part of that!


I have watched people share their experience and love on social media. Of course, there have been some negative ass wipes who will poke holes in this amazing thing that brought so many different people together. So here’s my argument towards a lot of the stupid shit people have been saying.





Why did I march as a British person?


Trump may be the leader America but in a world that we constantly have news from every point of the globe. I have had constant images, video and bullshit of Donald Trump beamed into my home and I even as someone in a foreign country followed the election in real time and felt physically sick that someone who is so openly sexist, racist and full of hate could be chosen to be one of the most powerful men in the world. I was affected by it but so were the millions of women in America, the immigrants, the ancestor of immigrants, the people of colour, disabled people, LGBTQ and many other minorities. I have empathy and therefore I stood up for those people.


I marched to show solidarity with everyone who felt betrayed and hurt by the election of Trump. To show people around the world that we are not going to stand by and allow hate to win.


Why don’t you march for ___________ ?


We do! We speak out, we protest, we march, we write, we sing, we post and everything beyond. The people who joined that march were not just marching for American women, we were marching for everyone who has been oppressed and attacked for reasons that they have no control over, for just existing. We are the people that fight. You are the ones who sit and complain that we aren’t doing enough when just speaking about it is enough. We recognise inequality. You choose to hide from it.


What did I learn from marching?


Activism is more powerful than anxiety. I don’t like crowds or tension but it doesn’t matter because I needed to be there. (Ha managed to get some mental health in there!)


I have learnt that I want to continue on this path of fighting for mine and others rights. I want to be involved in politics and conquer the world! I love talking about society and debating on subjects I am passionate about.


I marched alongside women, men, dogs, children, black people, white people, people from different countries who spoke different languages, Europeans, immigrants, disabled people, old and young people. We marched together in love and hopefully, we will continue to fight for each other!


If you want to continue the fight visit:




Thanks for reading

Keep fighting,




2 thoughts on “Why We Marched!

  1. effcaa says:

    Hi Nancy,
    So great to stumble upon your lovely post!
    Wish I had know about the march before, would have joined (live in London as well).
    Let me know if you ever want to meet up and talk about blogging, we could grab a coffee or something! 🙂
    Until then, will keep an eye on your inspiring posts!
    xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com


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