My Planning Obsession.

I’ve always been obsessed with stationary and notebooks. So, when I discovered the planning community it was like finding a new drug.

by-failing-to-prepare-you-are-preparing-to-fail-benjamin-franklinI’ve tried a few different planning systems. The popular bullet journal that requires time and patience I do not have. So, that went out the window. I also tried the more school like planner from which gave me a bit of customisation when it came to designing but it felt too much like secondary school for me. So, I kept looking and experimenting. I spontaneously decided to buy a six-ring personal planner from Paperchase since it was on sale and watched YouTube videos of set ups. This worked for me but I found the size hard to write on considering I write large.

Therefore, when it came to Christmas like any stationary obsessed perfectionist I asked for a Filofax. I ended up going with a different brand.


I now use a Kikki K textured leather personal planner Large (A5): Black. It’s beautiful and classic but expensive. I do feel like I may have made a mistake getting such a big planner since it’s inconvenient for carrying around. However, it’s so pretty!


It’s a six-ring binder system and came with two mini notepads and to-do list and a larger notepad in the back. It also contained meeting notes paper and undated month on two pages. I bought the Kikki K 2017 refill. This included weeks and months on two pages. The organiser also has two pouches and seven dividers. I used the stickers provided on two pages to rename the dividers to my needs.


I like to decorate my organiser to make it a little fun and less daunting. I’ve used a google image and laminated it to use as my “dashboard” along with pictures of my dog and granddad. I found these gorgeous rose gold star paperclips that I use to keep things easily accessible.




I use a colour coded system to make it clearer and quicker to know what I’m doing or what needs to be done.


In the front, I keep my 2017 goals as a reminder




I have five sections; Month, Week, Expenses, School and Blog.


My monthly spread is my favourite. I like being able to see as far ahead as possible at a glance. I use my monthly calendar to plan what I’m going to blog about and I choose my “top three” goals or to-dos for the month to keep my mind centred. I also decorate it a bit with quotes and doodles.




My weeks are pretty standard with my appointments, work shifts, reminders etc.


My expense section is important due to me being “self-employed” I have to keep close track of my work hours and also my very vague and normally ignored budget.


My school section is also standard. Important info and dates. Assignments to make sure I don’t miss anything and information on my university choices.


My Blog section is new to this planner and I don’t know how well it’s working since I tend to use my notebook for my ideas/plans for posts. However, I do keep useful twitter hashtags and twitter chats for bloggers. I also have a checklist for my blog and a wish list. I keep my ideas in there too but as I said I usually use my notebook/journal for blogging.



I would recommend the Kikki K planners for people looking for style as well as an awesome organisation. I may get a medium version of the one I have because it is very hard to carry everywhere but I’d believe it would be the perfect size for professionals who need more space and will use more sections.


Etsy is an awesome place to get different planner accessories; refills, stickers and even charms.


Links for things I have mentioned or like will be below.


Does anyone else have a planner obsession?


Thanks for reading




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