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February 2017

Successful Adaptations

I have mostly talked about unsuccessful, at least to readers and movie critics, but what about the successful ones. There have been many successful adaptations of books including The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones etc. These tv shows... Continue Reading →

Mental Health and Comedy

Mental Health and Comedy As I’ve said I love podcasts and one podcast I listen to is The Hilarious World of Depression. The host interviews comedians with mental illnesses, the fist thing he asks them is, “Is Depression Funny?”. Everyone's... Continue Reading →

Having Older Parents

My parents have always been a little different from many others, well my whole family really. When my family and I went on holiday a few years ago it was my mum, aunt, second cousin, one of my nephews and... Continue Reading →

Little Productive Things to do on a “Lazy” Day

Taking a day to myself to just be a bum is hard when you are filled with anxiety and self-loathing. I tend to feel super guilty if I don’t do anything productive.   So here’s a list of things I... Continue Reading →

I’m sick and It’s Everyones Fault!

I’m sick and it’s everyone's fault! I was going to do a proper Friday Thoughts like I usually do but I just can’t be bothered. We’ll I want to be bothered but I’m sick, have loads of coursework to do... Continue Reading →

The Strange Popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey has broken records, made British author E.L. James an almost “overnight” success millionaire and it’s first two instalments have been adapted into equally successful films. However, it’s perplexing to most people how this has happened. The... Continue Reading →

My Mental Health Essentials

A list of things that I use to help/control my mental health; I take meds which I have found very helpful so for me it’s an essential. Technology, such as earphones and my phone have become very helpful. I use... Continue Reading →

Confessions of an Ex-Twihard

My name is Nancy and I was a Twihard.  I can remember when I was introduced to Twilight, I always seem to find things I will like later than anyone else. At theatre school, we did a sort of strange... Continue Reading →

Triggers, Trigger Warnings and My Thoughts

Lately, I have been avoiding particularly depressing things because I've never done that before. I’ve never been one to avoid so-called “triggers” and today I’m going to talk about triggers. Triggers are used a lot now, along with trigger warnings.... Continue Reading →

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