Confessions of an Ex-Twihard

My name is Nancy and I was a Twihard. 

Confessions of an Ex-TwihardI can remember when I was introduced to Twilight, I always seem to find things I will like later than anyone else. At theatre school, we did a sort of strange reworking of scenes from Twilight. I hadn’t seen the film but was confined to give it a try by a fellow student.

I’m not one for romance. I may have depression and anxiety but I wouldn’t describe myself as a very emotional person particularly towards others so I can’t really say why I loved Twilight. New Moon came out soon after and I went to the cinema to watch it and would continue to with the rest of the franchise. I never went to a premiere or followed the cast like a stalker but I did check message boards, fan sights and read all the books within three days.

I had all sorts of merchandise and was firmly Team Edward.

My last posts have been reviews of these movies adapted from books but I think we all know that the Twilight movies are questionable and so is the story.

My most compelling guess for my fascination is the popularity of vampires at the time (I also read The Vampire Diaries and Vampire Academy along with many others) and my teen goth phase. I say phase because I am less goth than I was. I still love black, Doc Martens and skulls along with many other gothic things. Twilight was dark and moody the cliche of Emo/Goth rebellion of a teenage girl who goes to Catholic school.

Twilight was a huge fandom and franchise probably since Harry Potter. No matter what you at least know the main plot point of Twilight. Outcast girl falls in love with sparkly Vampire. I was a big reader and Twilight was a big book. Still is to some people.

However, looking back I think a lot of us Ex-Twihards cringe at our choice of obsession. The stupid story, the moodiness, the creepy borderline abusive relationship and the movies based on such shitty books that no one could save them.

But, I don’t regret Twilight. Twilight got people reading, it showed people that there is a market for YA fiction. It started the careers of actors and it showed us what we don’t want in a relationship. No one like a clingy dead guy giving you crazy eyes.

Thanks for Reading,


4 thoughts on “Confessions of an Ex-Twihard

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Yeah I never read the series but I heard about how Bella (?) and Edward’s relationship was actually really unhealthy. I was never even remotely interested in it but that settled things.


      • TheOriginalPhoenix says:

        Yeah I mean impressionable preteen/teenage girls were reading this book in the masses and I’m not sure that they know what’s healthy relationship should look like


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