My Mental Health Essentials

A list of things that I use to help/control my mental health;

I take meds which I have found very helpful so for me it’s an essential.

Mental Health EssentialsTechnology, such as earphones and my phone have become very helpful. I use then earphones to keep my mind off things with awesome podcasts (You can see a list of the ones I am listening to here). My phone is very good for keeping my travel anxiety under control. Google maps is a good send. I do tend to check it a lot, even when on a journey I’ve done many times and having a bus app is useful to know when the bus is coming and not have to worry about the unknowing bus arrival.

Technology has helped with the amount of support most can get from friends, family and even strangers. There are many me natal health bloggers are on twitter and are very friendly and there are many apps that will offer support.

I like to keep a journal with me at all times or at least something I can write on (you can use a phone for this as well) to write down thoughts, moods, triggers etc. I find it especially helpful to “Brain Dump” which is just getting down all the thoughts on paper or screen. This is great for my fast anxious brain, especially at night.

My planner is similar to a journal in my system. I can get down those nagging dates and to dos into my planner and free up my brain for happier things. The feeling of being organised is also relaxing.

I use pens for writing and for Self-harm recovery. I use soft felt tips (never biros, because they can be used to cause harm) to draw on my skin when I feel that itchy need-out-of-my-skin feeling. I found this the best way for me to kick my urges to cut.

“Fidget” toys are quite trendy now. The one I use is a Tangle. I use it for anxiety so i don’t peel my fucking skin off instead. There are many different types of these fidget toys that you can buy on amazon and eBay for a reasonable price.

Do you have any mental health essentials?

Thanks for reading,



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