Little Productive Things to do on a “Lazy” Day

Taking a day to myself to just be a bum is hard when you are filled with anxiety and self-loathing. I tend to feel super guilty if I don’t do anything productive.


So here’s a list of things I do that feel productive but are really for yourself.


Productive Things for Lazy Days1. Paint your nails, this takes me forever to do and I do not have the patience to wait for them to dry so actually doing them is some sort of miracle. Plus I love having pretty nails.


2. Have a shower/wash face/ brush teeth, basically, do something to help your hygiene because it will make you feel good. I fucking love showers, a nice warm shower makes me feel awesome and it’s vital to your mental health.


3. Do your hair or makeup, I have been known to put on a full face of makeup just to sit around the house and write/do homework. However, if you don’t wear makeup, do your mother fucking hair! Braid, curl or just do some fancy fake messy bun. It’s your life.


4. Read! Doesn’t have to be bloody Shakespeare but the fact your reading is pretty fucking great. Any sort of reading will do. Comic books, graphic novel, short story or Harry freaking Potter.


5. Cook yourself a meal. I am not a food person, I like quick and tasty which often means not very healthy. So cooking an actual meal is productive as shit for me and can be tasty!


6. Crafts! Do some colouring, painting, collaging, the possibilities are truly endless. It’s good for the mind and completing something makes you happy.


7. Go for a walk. I have a dog so walking is needed almost every day. I don’t exercise because I’m already a twig and need to gain weight (on doctor’s orders) so a brisk walk is just as good. I also listen to podcasts when I walk which I suppose could also be on this list.


8. Watch a movie/ tv show. Now we all know that everyone is a binge watcher now, with things like Netflix etc. But the watch list is always growing. So either watch something you’ve been meaning to watch or something “educational” like documentaries. I’d recommend Hidden Figures at the moment because it’s amazing or Suffragette.


9. Wash your makeup brushes or hair brush. No one does this enough and that shit is nasty when you finally do clean them. Also, kind of intriguing.


10. Make or change your bed. Change your bedding often! Making my bed fills me with accomplishment.


So these are my suggestions for keeping that naughty voice in your head quite whilst you take some “me” time.


Remember you have every right to a day of luxury.


Do you have any suggestions of your own?


Thanks for reading,




2 thoughts on “Little Productive Things to do on a “Lazy” Day

  1. Fiona likes to blog says:

    I love this post. Sometimes when you’re depressed you’re so overwhelmed with the amount of things that need done that it’s actually better just to do one small thing. Often it gets the ball rolling for a more productive day but if not, no harm done. Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

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