Mental Health and Comedy

Mental Health and Comedy

As I’ve said I love podcasts and one podcast I listen to is The Hilarious World of Depression. The host interviews comedians with mental illnesses, the fist thing he asks them is, “Is Depression Funny?”. Everyone’s answer is a little different. But, the most interesting thing to me as a lover of comedy and a sufferer of mental illness is the relationship between mental illness and comedy.

Freud- If it_s not one thing, it_s your mother Robin WilliamsA lot of comedians/comedy actors seem to suffer from some form of mental illness, the most famous are Robin Williams, Ruby Wax, Maria Bamford and much more.

I myself do believe in the whole using humour as a defence mechanism, I even do it myself. Along with sarcasm and general bitch behaviour.

So is depression funny? It can be, and so can many other mental illnesses. Not funny as in how funny is it that all of these people are suffering and all these horrible things that come with their illness. But, I am the first to say I have done some weird shit because of my anxiety and depression.

I’ve actually written some of them here.

Do I think comedians should be able to joke about mental illness? Of course! Why should there be boundaries in comedy because everything has a bit of humour in theirs. Even death. There’s some Fun in FUNeral.

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