I’m pretty sure no one is truly ready for adulthood.

What even is an adult: financial independence, moving out of your parents, leaving education?

Who the fuck knows!




I do know that life is messy and when I decided to leave my university course a few weeks in and enter the “real world” it felt like I was Bambi taking my first steps but cuter.

The term adulating and the inability for many to do “adult things” are all over social media. I o feel like life had become more demanding and that there is no definition for a lifestyle that is seen as “adult”.

I’m twenty and although I’m told often that I am young I feel this pressure to already have everything sorted out when my siblings in their thirties don’t even have what I would say is an adult mentality of responsibility.

Being an “adult” is subjective. Personally, I would see being an adult as being independent of my parent.

Gotta figure out that budget shit!

What I do know is that I have some shit figure out. I’m mature for my age, I know some of my limits and I do my own taxes which is a pretty fucking adult.

What do you think about Adulting?

Thanks for reading,




6 thoughts on “Adulting

  1. marycontrary5309 says:

    Adulting is no fun. Except that I can go to the liquor store if I want to . . . but then I remember that we need other stuff like milk and bread. Dammit adulting! 🙂


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