COSPLAY: Getting Started

Welcome to my new series concentrating on Cosplay. I have always loved dressing up either for Halloween, performances, contests etc. I had been following cosplayers for a while and wanted to get involved but anxiety and low-confidence kept me in the cosplay closet for some time till I finally, with the help from my bestie, took the plunge and went to London Comic Con Cosplaying Poison Ivy.

I thought I’d share any other nerds who have thought over cosplaying some simple tips for getting started.

1.The first step is taking the leap and deciding you want to cosplay, find an event and maybe a friend or two to share the experience with.

2. Now, pick a character: Go for the one you are passionate about; don’t worry about Cosplay The Starters Guidewhether it’s too popular or not popular enough; choose a cosplay that is in your range of skill, just to avoid unneeded stress.

3. Look up some inspiration. I use Pinterest just make sure not to completely copy someone’s cosplay or artwork unless you are prepared to give them credit.

4. Organise your budget and supply needs. Cosplays can range in expense so if you’re tight on cash go simple.

5. Make that shit! Not going to lie, this is the stressful part. I swear a lot and tend to burn myself with hot glue a lot.

6. Try and not be a perfectionist. I am very guilty of this but sometimes you can only do too much and that’s okay. Some people spend years on one cosplay and others spend weeks. Your passion will show through even if you fuck up your leaf placement.

7. Organise the day: travel, meeting, money and tickets.


Conventions can be scary believe me I KNOW but they are also accepting and a collection of people who are passionate about a variety of nerdy things. Yes, you’ll meet the occasional asshole but overall I’ve never had a bad day at MCM. It’s an awesome day to spend with friends or just people whole like the same crap as you do.

Do I have any Cosplayer Readers?

Thanks for reading,


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